At TFG, our sustainability strategy, has four key focus areas:

Localisation and job creation

We are buying more from local suppliers to grow their businesses and increase local job opportunities.

People and communities

Our employees and their communities are at the heart of our sustainability journey and our commitment to be a brand and employer of choice.

Environmental efficiency

We are working towards being a zero waste business to optimise resource efficiency and protect the environment.

Product stewardship and supply chain

We are developing an ethical and transparent supply chain to ensure we source, manufacture and dispose of commodities responsibly.

Our more sustainably produced wash care labels are part of our efforts to practice responsible Product Stewardship.

In addition to our wash-care labels, we have already set targets for some of our input materials, and are working on targets for the others.

Target 01

100% post consumer recycled content by March 2023 in all Group shopping bags in Africa

Target 02

TFG sets sustainability targets by territory.

Target 03

50% sustainably sourced cotton in Africa by March 2026

Target 04

100% FSC certified solid wood furniture styles in Africa by March 2026

Target 05

100% of TFG jewellery suppliers will be members of the Responsible Jewellery Council in Africa by March 2026

Introducing our new sustainable wash care labels

Another step towards our vision for sustainable fashion

Our wash care labels are made from recycled polyester:

A fabric that is man-made from existing plastic, rather than new materials.
So, what does this mean and why should you care?

Well, it means our wash care labels require fewer resources to manufacture and divert waste from landfills.

Our wash care labels have been adopted across all TFG in-house brands.

For us, this is another important step on our journey to a sustainable future of fashion.

Not only is this process kinder to the environment, but it also produces better quality wash care labels

No compromise on quality
Superior to conventional polyester labels
Soft to the touch

How is recycled polyester made?

Switching to sustainable fabrics is one of the biggest contributions we can make to a better and cleaner world.

Use less water

Reduce carbon emissions

Reduce waste to landfill

More durable, 
meaning better value

By using environmentally-friendly wash care labels over a period of 4 months

> 1 million

Plastic bottles recycled

Meaning we create less new plastic and reduce plastic waste in landfills

7.8 million litres

Of fresh water reduced

to protect this vital and scarce resource – that’s the equivalent of three Olympic-sized swimming pools

> 1 million m3

Reduction of fossil fuel depletion

Helping us in the fight against climate change

22 643 kgs

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

which is key to slowing global warming and reducing air pollution

*These results were calculated using the Higg Materials Sustainability Index (Higg MSI at V3.3 developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). They were calculated by ITL Group Holdings and are not verified.

Watch how we do it

Intelligent label solutions

We developed our recycled wash care labels in partnership with Intelligent Label Solutions.