Better and better

We are pleased to share that we improved our B-BBEE rating from Level 6 to  Level 3, significantly raising the bar for major listed South African retailers.

For the financial year ended 31 March 2022, the commitment of the Group to  transformation yielded a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE)  verification score of 84,44 points out of 120 points – a significant increase from  the previous year’s score of 72,25. This score coupled with the Group’s successful  participation in the YES Initiative meant that the outcome achieved was a  B-BBEE Level 3.

The YES Initiative is a collaboration between business and government to address  youth unemployment. Our aim is to target unemployed youth who did not have  the opportunity to train or study at a higher learning institute. In this way we  create jobs, contribute to empowerment and help communities reduce reliance  on social grants. 425 youth were retained during the 2022 financial year and 300  absorbed into our business.

The Black representation at both the Operating Board and executive  management levels is being secured through a continued focus on diversity in the  succession planning and talent management processes.

Employment equity remains a critical aspect of TFG’s transformation agenda, with  a focus on our senior and middle management levels as well as people living with  disabilities. We continue to work with our heads of business to incorporate  transformation into their operational strategies. Our transformation drive this year  delivered a sustained increase in the representation of Black employees within our  senior, middle and junior management teams.

The Group continues to support the government’s strategy of job creation and  skills development by investing in key skills required to sustain and grow the retail  sector and its own workforce. This year, the Group made additional significant  investments in Skills Development to support the employment, particularly of  youth, through learnerships, internships and with a critical focus on people living  with disabilities.

Other highlights for the year include creating more than 7 176 new jobs and  workplace opportunities in South Africa. We increased our spend with small  black-owned businesses by more than R2billion and invested R105million in social  impact initiatives including enterprise and supplier development and support to  communities and NGOs.

The Group continues to work with our relief agency partner Gift of the Givers to  make donations towards various communities as part of their disaster relief  efforts. Other socio-economic development initiatives included bursaries and  other brand led initiatives aligned to our customers.

Link to our B-BBEE certificate – CLICK HERE.

Our transformation drive delivered a sustained increase in the representation of  Black employees in our senior and middle management teams.

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