YES to youth

So many talented young South Africans are battling to find jobs and participate in the economy. TFG employs more than 31 300 people in South Africa, and we are looking for more. We want to inspire young people and help them live better lives.

TFG offers a range of learnerships and internships enabling young people to get workplace experience. They join us, mostly in stores, clothing factories or distribution centres, where they learn about retail and fashion. Many of them then move into further internships, other skill programmes and permanent employment across our business.

We recruit many of these young people through the YES programme, a joint initiative between business and government in South Africa. We take care to make our investment sustainable: this means taking on people close to where they live, and ensure they have the right tools e.g. each learner gets a smartphone to do workplace readiness training. We take them on a digital learning journey and give them coaching and mentoring support throughout the programme.

In the year ended March 2022, we provided 607 manufacturing and 2 283 non-manufacturing work opportunities. This means a total of 2 890 young people had a great chance at starting a career, earn a living and connect with their passion.

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