TFG has great talent

We celebrate our diverse talent and provide many opportunities for career growth and learning at TFG.

How learning and development works at TFG: We offer various development programmes for our people at all levels

  • TFG invested over R70 million in youth skills development in the financial year that ended 30 March 2022. Read more in our INSPIRED LIVING REPORT.
  • TFG is a registered accredited training provider with the Wholesale and Retail (W&R) SETA. Our Project Elevate programme culminates in a nationally recognized retail qualification.
  • Our various skills programmes expose young people to workplaces and prepare them for formal employment and qualifications through our various learnerships and internships that we offer.
  • Our employee learnerships enable current employees to get formal qualifications and boost their careers.
  • We provide a combination of classroom-based training and practical work experience.
  • Our employees have access to digital learning on the TFGLearn platform anywhere, anytime and on any device, free to the learner. Over 170 414 courses were completed in the 2022 financial year by 21 824 employees. 78 unique courses have been developed and published to date.
  • Our newly acquired Yoobic learning platform adds to our digital learning eco–system. This platform delivers learning that is gamified, chunked and geared towards microlearning – developed by our teams for our teams.
  • Our first online leadership programme was launched in 2021 to develop potential leaders for TFG and leadership EQ training was made accessible to all field managers in the same year.

We have a rigorous process to identify high performing individuals who can attend these programmes and subsequently take on more senior available roles. These employees are typically previously disadvantaged candidates who know that they are valued as someone with the ability and aspiration to rise to and succeed in more senior, critical positions. As such they have access to career advancement opportunities.The TFG executives all have scorecards that evaluate their performance and that determine their pay. Transformation and youth employment are some of the scorecard indicators for which TFG tracks progress. This is how serious we are about building a business that is diverse and inclusive.

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