The business champions we cheer for

Small businesses create much needed jobs in South Africa. They are also the corporate and large employers of the future if we all help them grow. By supporting local enterprises, we invest in our economy and our people, and ensure better living for all.

A business like TFG requires a number of suppliers for the items we cannot manufacture ourselves. We support as many local enterprises as we can and intentionally look for businesses owned by black people and black women.

Some of our supplier success stories include:

  • All non-merchandise store stationery and printed material are now supplied by a 100% black-owned Exempted Micro Enterprise (EME).
  • 20 black-owned SMME’s produced 6,2 million units in the 2022 financial year which equates to a 96% contribution to the TFG’s Design & Manufacturing non-owned manufacturing component.

When we have a relationship with a supplier, we take it further. We help them grow and support them through the challenges a small business face. For example, during the 2022 financial year:

  • In collaboration with a partner, we empower factories to make and plot their own production markers so that they can be in control of their online date for production.
  • We assisted in the expansion of strategic suppliers to new premises and provided them with equipment.
  • We offer small businesses accelerated and preferential payment terms.
  • We helped a strategic manufacturing partner by deploying a digital planning board at their factory to help them with the best use of their resources.
  • We assisted strategic suppliers in accessing government funding for expansion and skills development.
  • We made it possible for strategic manufacturing partners to print wash care labels and RFID tags for their production orders onsite as this reduces production lead times.

Find out how to become a TFG supplier – CLICK HERE.


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