Fashion That Connects People and Their Passion

TFG is committed to respecting, protecting and advocating for the human rights of all stakeholders who are involved in our operations. As such, we accept our responsibility to support transparency and integrity, to be proactive in resolving problems and to collaborate with others to protect the human and labour rights of workers.

We are also committed to people development and to create opportunities where people can live out their passion. As such, we identify partnerships where we can collaborate, for example to develop and equip youth and employees with the skills required to innovate and to fulfil their potential.

We want people to live better lives, and live up to their full potential. By having a clear purpose, TFG can inspire people, enabling them to find their passion and improve their wellbeing. As such, we can all contribute to a better world.

We believe fashion can play a role in connecting people and their passion.

Our Commitment

We are committed to transformation, human rights, inclusivity and job creation.

We are transforming our Group to reflect the diversity of our customer base and the communities we operate in. The broader transformation imperative includes investment and partnerships with government, dedicated progress with B-BBEE and continued social investment through the TFG Foundation.

We are committed to increasing transparency in support of human rights in our supply chain, and to creating inclusive workplaces to attract and retain talent. This includes understanding current and future trends that influence our work environment to ensure we can differentiate our employee offering and strengthen our employer brand.

We are committed to addressing unemployment in South Africa by creating jobs. We support government’s 2030 retail, clothing, textile, footwear and leather (R-CTFL) Masterplan for the clothing manufacturing sector. TFG Africa has been actively driving increased local procurement and supplier development over the past five years. We want to be locally attuned and responsive.

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