Where do textiles go when they are no longer loved

About 50% of the clothes in your wardrobe has not been used for at least a year. At least, that is what research by Movinga found. Which means that you might have a lot to throw out, give away and hand down.

We want to help our customers do what we do. We try to slow down the end-of-life stage of fashion items. This means we help clothing last longer, reduce waste and contribute to a circular economy mindset.

At TFG Australia, we are serious about preventing the waste we can control, from going to landfill. This includes clothing returns, production samples and unsold items. When we are unable to sell an item, we first move it to another store or try to sell it online.

When there is no commercial future for a garment, we donate clothing to Thread Together, an organisation that collects brand-new end-of-line stock from fashion brands and donates it to people in need, for example the victims of floods and fires. Or, if it is no longer usable, we work with UPPAREL, who repurposes clothing fibres and trimmings.

We are also working with UPPAREL to investigate their UPCIRCLE service which gives customers the opportunity to donate old garments to prevent these going to landfill.

Read more about our efforts to avoid textile waste on the WEBSITE.