Our evolving sustainability framework​

We made some important developments to our sustainability strategy this year. We now explicitly reference the Group imperative to create jobs under the localisation pillar, have organised our people and community efforts under a dedicated pillar, and have introduced a product stewardship pillar to reference the efforts we are making towards sustainability in relation to the products that we buy and manufacture.









Sustainability pillars

Previously we reported against other global goals. To improve our focus and have more impact, we made a decision to reduce these goals to three. The primary focus is on SDG 8, SDG 9 and SDG 12. We acknowledge there may be other SDGs we support indirectly, but we believe it is important to focus our efforts and disclosures on demonstrating meaningful impact. We also identified targets that are aligned to global targets per goal. This will enable our stakeholders to monitor and track our performance, thereby enhancing the transparency and value of our sustainability reporting.

Localisation and job creation

TFG invests in creating local capacity through skills and supplier development as well as expanding manufacturing facilities to create jobs and shorten lead times.

Through localisation we can offer customers a wider range of in-demand, in-season products.

Development goals

  • Localisation and job creation
  • Increase localisation
  • Local job creation
  • Develop local enterprises and suppliers
  • Facillitate local fashion through brand collaboration

People and communities

We are transforming to reflect the diversity of our customer base and the communities we operate in. This includes investment and partnerships with the government, a particular focus on B-BBEE, and continued social investment through the TFG Foundation.

We create inclusive workplaces to attract, develop and retain talent.

Development goals

  • Transformation
  • Development
  • Holistic wellbeing
  • Engagement and retention

Environmental efficiency

We are increasing resource efficiency across our operations by using world-class automation and ore energy-efficient lighting and manufacturing equipment.

We are working towards zero waste, and are committed to the Plastic Pact. The Group is one of the founding members of the South African Plastic Pact.

Development goals

  • Work towards a zero-waste business and value chain
  • Reduce emissions in line with climate change science
  • Become more transparent and inspire customers

Product stewardship and supply chain

We are committed to developing a transparent supply chain that sources commodities responsibly. This includes developing enterprises and diversifying our supplier profile in support of B-BBEE.

We want to practice responsible product stewardship in the way we design, manufacture, sell and dispose of products to minimise environmental impact.

Development goals

  • Sustainable manufacturing and buying practices
  • Compliance in the supply chain
  • Preferential procurement

Our sustainability pillars support the business strategy

Our sustainability strategy is critical in enabling us to deliver on our commitment to create shared value by driving social and environmental benefits for our stakeholders while supporting our four-pillar business strategy.

Customer & employee obsession




Proudly SA

TFG believes in South Africa’s ability to manufacturer world-class fashion. TFG’s development of local manufacturing capability and skills development give the Group a substantial competitive advantage both locally and globally. TFG supports local and is a member of Proudly SA.