We recognise the need to find innovative ways to deliver on business imperatives, while ensuring a meaningful and scalable social impact.

Our shared value strategy prioritises local supply chain development,  supported by three strategic enablers that contribute to the societal value delivered by our operations, namely, environment efficiency, accountability, ethics and governance and driving empowerment. Our sustainability reporting framework highlights our drive to create shared value for our stakeholders, with a sustained focus on addressing and reporting on the material environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues associated with our operations.

Further information on our strategy, progress against our strategic enablers and our future approach can be found in both our 2021 integrated annual report and 2021 sustainability overview report.

Accountability, Ethics & Governance

We commit to leading governance frameworks and implementing best practice.

Corporate Social Investment

As a leading lifestyle retailer, it is our responsibility to give back to our communities we operate in. The concept of paying it forward is significant to us and has become part of TFG’s ethos.

Educate To Employ

The youth are our future and we have a role to play in developing them into leaders who can contribute toward sustainable businesses and positively impact South Africa.

The South African National Development Plan envisions a nation where the country embraces its potential and where opportunity is not determined by birth but by ability, education and hard work. This has inspired our way of thinking about our shared value strategy and we promote skills development and create employment opportunities across the country, with a strong focus on South Africa’s youth.


Our business must reflect the diversity of our customer base and the communities we operate in. This will enable us to remain relevant and ensure the long-term success of our business. We, therefore, need to create an inclusive workplace environment able to attract and retain diverse talent.

Local supply chain

By optimising our supply chain, we can offer customers a wider range of in-demand, in-season products. This depends on our quick response capability and access to a high-performing, efficient supply chain that supports local design capacity. By optimising our local supply chain, we can create shared social and financial value for our business as well as strategic partners.



We recognise our responsibility to make a positive difference by increasing our resource efficiency.

Proudly SA

TFG believes in South Africa’s ability to manufacturer world-class fashion. TFG’s development of local manufacturing capability and skills development give the Group a substantial competitive advantage both locally and globally. TFG supports local and is a member of Proudly SA.