Our new recycled wash care labels

Our consumers are becoming more environmentally aware and want more transparency about the products they buy. They want information that will bring them peace of mind and demonstrate value.

TFG has rolled out a new inner garment wash care label that is made from 100% recycled material. You will find the new range of wash care labels in all the TFG in-house fashion brands garments in South Africa.

They are made from recycled polyester: a fabric that is man-made from existing plastic such as water bottles, rather than new materials that require natural resources. The plastic is converted into tiny pellets, melted, and spun into yarn. The yarn is then knitted into fabric ribbons, cut, printed on and sewn into the garments.

It’s a double win: we believe these labels are actually superior to conventional polyester labels and they help to reduce the waste that go to landfills, thereby supporting a circular economy.

Read more about recycling and responsible sourcing in our INSPIRED LIVING REPORT.


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