Markham – Making A Mark

Markham recently launched an amazing collaboration with Imprint – focused on celebrating our local heritage.

Afro-Futuristic, pan-African fashion brand Imprint, founded by Mzukisi Mbane in 2013 and officially launched at Design Indaba in 2015, has grown from strength to strength in its almost decade-long existence. Celebrating glamour and conveying the stories of African culture through iconic prints, fabrics and specific moments in time, Imprint is undoubtedly making its mark.

Markham x Imprint

Authentic storytelling through design has always been Mzukisi’s first priority, and by collaborating with Markham, he feels that he can now reach a wider audience. “People in Khayelitsha, where I’m from, should be able to walk into a retail store and be able to buy and celebrate what the brand stands for,” he says.

Markham’s head of marketing, Nicol Rademeyer, states that Imprint’s bold range and design elements align perfectly with the trends and orientations of this season’s themes, adding the flair of the global south. “There is a movement towards heritage and locality, and Imprint’s work tells the story of design in our country. It is important for retailers to work with South African designers and upcoming talent to ensure that we grow the fashion industry,” he says.

The process of the collaboration has been thrilling for Mzukisi; who says that he really enjoyed working in a larger retail space and learning about areas that Imprint hasn’t explored yet. “It’s just been beautiful working with the Markham team and seeing everything come to life. Seeing the samples during the shoots. It’s been a magical journey, and I am super excited to see where it goes,” he says.


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