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Skills development

We recognise the impact of equal employment opportunities and believe that appropriate employment equity and skills development goals should be set, plans prepared and implemented, and other relevant and appropriate measures are taken, to ensure greater participation from all occupational levels.

Our management team is committed to equity, diversity and skills development and will ensure through the implementation of these plans, that our employees, eventually reflect the demographics of the region and the country and have the skills and expertise to uphold the culture of excellence ascribed to by TFG.

Employment equity progress at a senior management level continues to be a key strategic focus area. TFG’s share incentive allocation to key employment equity middle management employees remains part of our strategy to recognise and retain top calibre equity talent.

We have also made progress with the employment of disabled employees through learnerships and this will continue to be our focus going forward.

The group continues to support the government’s strategy of job creation and skills development by investing in key skills required to sustain and grow the retail sector and its own workforce. TFG was accredited as a training provider in FY2018.

Our approach is two-fold:

We offer internships, learnerships, skills development, academic programmes and bursaries to attract and up-skill high-calibre individuals for roles at our head office and across our brands. This is underpinned by an aggressive talent acquisition strategy.

In addition to our metropolises, we roll-out projects in rural areas in South Africa where youth unemployment is rife and geographic location acts as a barrier to employment.