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What is important?

Transparency and accountability are key principles on which our business activities are conducted. Governance extends beyond regulatory compliance, our practices and behaviours create and maintain a culture of ethical leadership and effective control.

Internal documents and oversight

There are multiple internal guiding documents to ensure we remain an ethical business and moral corporate citizen. The most important of these is the TFG code of good ethical conduct. It was launched in 2015 with an awareness campaign and forms part of an employee’s sign-on pack and induction programme. A whistleblowing facility is also in place. Employees and suppliers are encouraged to use this facility to report fraud, corruption, bribery or employee misconduct.

Looking ahead

We will continue to:

  • Focus on enhancing our ability to effectively manage significant strategic and operational risks;
  • Improve alignment and reporting of assurance providers to optimise skills and resources;
  • Refine our IT governance approach in response to the increasing significance of cyber and data privacy risks and
  • Optimise technology to provide improved risk and assurance reporting to facilitate and enhance governance processes.