Youth Workplace Opportunities

TFG is a proud supporter of the national development plan . One of the key focus areas of this plan is to reduce unemployment in South Africa. Through our various youth initiatives, we aim to create workplace opportunities where youth are given quality workplace contracts to learn and grow, and to become more employable. Many of these youth find jobs either with us or in the industry of their choice.

Youth Employment Service

TFG is a proud partner of the YES4Youth programme.

TFG provides 12-month workplace opportunity contracts to unemployed youth in South Africa through YES. To be a participant in the YES programme, a qualification is not necessary. We help you with work readiness programmes through extensive online training via a mobile smartphone and a great part of this workplace readiness programme is that you get to keep the phone when you complete the programme with us.

The YES vision is about transforming companies, communities and youth lives by connecting youth to economic opportunity and dignity and together, building a future that works.

Read more about it at YES4Youth


TFG provides workplace opportunities for unqualified and unemployed youth in the form of 12-month learnership programmes each year. Learners are placed in our stores, factories and contact centres. We offer a variety of learning programmes that fall within our national qualification’s framework from general management and supervisory training, to highly skilled technical training to be considered for a role withing our expanding network of factories. At the end of a successful learnership learners who perform well are likely to be absorbed into available permanent roles and will receive the accredited qualification.


TFG provides workplace opportunities for qualified and unemployed youth in the form of 12-18 month internships each year.
Interns are placed in our head office support areas where they gain valuable work experience, either to complete their qualification or after receiving their qualification. Either way, our interns are mentored and coached in the business to ensure they receive a quality workplace experience.

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