Retail is at the heart of what we do
at TFG. It’s the centre of our
omnichannel experience and
brings together various skills and
departments, enabling our
customers to live their best lives.

Stores & Retail Operations

The goal of those working in the store and retail operations team is to always provide the best possible experience to the customer, while boosting sales. Store and retail operations involve all aspects of stock management, customer service and selling products.


The planning team are keen analysts and scenario planners who are responsible for ensuring we have the right product, in the right stores, at the right time, at the right price, in the right quantity. They work closely with the buying team to ensure future trends and possibilities become reality in our stores.


Our buying teams are fashion and trend aware and have a flair for fashion. They know exactly what our customers want to see on our shelves. Their strengths include the ability to do extensive trend research, negotiate contracts with suppliers, manage product margins, evaluate product quality, and understand consumer behaviour.


Marketing teams are responsible for developing, implementing, and delivering strategic marketing and communication plans across all our brands, to attract new customers and retain existing ones, and enhance the customer experience. This is done through a variety of channels such as advertising, public relations, in-store campaigns, digital and social media marketing, event and promoting and influencer marketing. To be successful, marketers need to have a deep understanding of our products, target market and competition.