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Our retail team is at the core of what we do. They connect all the dots within our customers’ world to create unforgettable brand moments. They work together from moment one, in conceptualising seasonal range plans, all the way to buying, spatial and merchandise planning, and into the end customer experience.

Retail opportunities
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Specialist & Support services opportunities

Our support team are the people behind our people. They ensure everything gets to where it needs to be, functions as it should and appears as our retail and end-customer teams imagined.

Support opportunities

TFG’s Information Technology team is responsible for the company’s technological systems and the maintenance of its digital and technological infrastructure. By selecting future-fit technology and methodologies, they help the business meet its strategic objectives. They assess our business landscape and our market to ensure adaptability, scalability, expansion, and risk reduction.


Our manufacturing team is a key partner to our apparel businesses. They work tirelessly to create our products, making sure they meet exacting quality standards. They are responsible for operating and maintaining machinery, producing products, and preparing them for shipping.

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